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Shaffer keynotes Mortgage Bankers Association's CREF / Multifamily Housing Convention

IRETO Chairman Bryan Shaffer keynotes a special international capital event at the Mortgage Bankers Association's CREF / Multifamily Housing Convention & Expo.

International Reception
4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Oceanic 7, Lobby Level

Join your colleagues for a special reception featuring special guest Bryan P. Shaffer, Founder and President, IRETO (International Real Estate Trade Organization); and President and CEO, SLS Investments, Inc.
For 20 years Bryan has been involved in every aspect of commercial real estate; purchasing, selling and leaving of $3 billion properties worldwide. Bryan started IRETO with a simple goal of connecting people, capital, markets and information around the globe. It has become the world’s fastest growing global real estate trade, networking and media organization. IRETO has over 50,000 professionals worldwide whom read our information. As Part of IRETO, Bryan created The IRETO Report, Smart Real Estate Magazine, The Asia Real Estate Report and Global Real Estate News (the first commercial real estate on-line radio station and podcasting site). In 2006, Bryan will publish his first book titled, "Profiting from Real Estate Around the Globe".
Bryan is an expert member of World Business Review Advisory Board. He appears on CNBC and other television networks on World Business Review with host General Alexander Haig as an expert in the field of investment Real Estate. He also writes and lectures about international investment strategies and is an active real estate investor. Last year Bryan appeared at over 15 international conferences and spoke on investment capital and strategies.

Reuters and IRETO hold Global Property Forecast in London

Reuters Real Estate and IRETO Hold an invitation only Global Property Forecast at Reuters Corporate Offices in London.

HNW Investors and Family Office Event in China

IRETO Bryan Shaffer attends the private event for China's Wealthiest Real Estate Developers  Investors and Families.  Over 200 members of the Forbes China List attended the event. 

China Property Tours

IRETO's Bryan Shaffer is given a tour of China's leading development projects and meets with key real estate leaders in Shanghai.

IRETO Publishes Global Investment Report

The first issue of the  Global Real Estate Report was Published in 2007.  IRETO has a long history of providing information to the global real estate community, as it started publishing Newsletters in 2005 and In 2006 with Alex Eidlin, IRETO published the Asia Real Estate Report. 

IRETO Holds Green Real Estate Conference

In 2006 to 2009, IRETO held a series of Global Green Real Estate Events around the country.  IRETO's Chairman Bryan Shaffer explains, "One of the keys to global real estate partnerships is that as a world community working together, we can change the way real estate development and operations impact our \planet.  This can't be done by one company or country, but together we can change the world and improve the future."

2007 Conference Highlights

IRETO Release Members & Partners Guide for 2007-2008

IRETO Releases Members & Partners Guide. 

IRETOs Global Commercial Real Estate News Named 10 Best List

In 2005, IRETO was one of the first associations to use the internet and podcast's to provide educational information to investors and capital providers. In 2009, Loopnet named Global Commercial Real Estate News by Global Real Estate Radio one of the 10 best Commercial Real Estate Podcast. The weekly show was hosted by IRETO's Bryan Shaffer and interviewed leading voices in the commercial real estate world.  The show ended in 2010, as video podcast took over the airways. 

Cityscape Dubai Interview with Bryan Shaffer

IRETO's Bryan Shaffer is interviewed at the Dubai Cityscape Conference.  Shaffer is an expert in Global real estate capital and investments.

Shaffer and Eidlin at Shanghai Cocktail Event

IRETO Chairman Bryan Shaffer and IRETO Publisher Alex Eidlin attend leadership cocktail party in  Shanghai China. 

Shaffer Chairs India Real Estate Investment Conference in Singapore

IRETO's Bryan Shaffer is asked to increase business and investment ties with India and act as chairman of IQPC's India Investment Conference.  The event was held in Singapore. 

IRETOs China Partnership

IRETO & China based China Real Estate Business form partnership to expand investment between US and Chinese Real Estate Companies. 

IRETO's Bryan Shaffer signs the agreement with China Real Estate Business in Beijing.  The event is attended by over 30  media outlets.  

IRETO's Bryan Shaffer sits down with Sam Zell

Known as the Grave Dancer to many, Real Estate Mastermind Sam Zell has been one of the leading voices in commercial real estate. Zell is co-founder and Chairman of Equity International, a private investment firm that focuses on real estate-related companies outside of the U.S. In addition, Zell founded and maintains substantial interests in, and is the Chairman of, a number of public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, including: Equity Residential (EQR), the largest US apartment REIT; Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS). In an event chaired by IRETO's Bryan Shaffer, Zell gave insight into the 2008 financial crisis and shared his views on global real estate. Shaffer said, "He may not be the nicest real estate billionaire that I have ever sat down with, but I think he the smartest."

Asia Investment Summit 2007

IRETO host 2007 New York Investment Summit. 

Shaffer with CALPERS real estate investment officer in China

IRETO's Bryan Shaffer interviews CALPERS investment officer Michael McCook at IRETO's China Conference. 

Annual Global Summit

For the third year, IRETO, International Real Estate Trade Organization, holds it Global Real Estate Investment Summit in Las Vegas.  With over 500 attendees over the 3 day conference, The Global Real Estate Sumit is one of the leading events focused on global real estate investment. 

For Conference Videos Go to: 

IRETO Awards in China

IRETO presents awards at Chinese Real Estate Investment Conference. 

Shaffer leads panel at Expo Real in Munich

IRETO Chairman leads international investment panel at Expo Real in Munich Germany.   It is the countries largest real estate investment expo.

Bryan Shaffer speaks on international real estate at UC Berkeley Annual Conference

IRETO Chairman Bryan Shaffer was invited and spoke at the UC Berkeley Annual Real Estate Investment Conference.  Shaffer is a leading speaker on international capital investments and global commercial real estate investment. 

IRETO Partners in China Conference

Shaffer Honored in China at CIHAF

Bryan Shaffer honored at CIHAF (China International Real Estate & Archi-tech Fairs) for his efforts to open up global capital markets and create worldwide investment standards.  The awards program in Beijing was televised in China.  

Hong Kong Conference 2007

IRETO's Bryan Shaffer Chairs day One of IQPC / IRETO Joint Event.  Keynote Speaker is Sam Zell of Equity.

Investor panel  featured Stuart Leckie,  former Chairman of the  Hong Kong Retirement
Schemes Association,  Jon Addison, Fund  Manager at The Meat  Industry Employee’s SuperAnnuation Fund and Andrew Oksner,  Managing Director for Real Estate Investments at Ajia Partners.
Interviewing them was Bryan Shaffer, Chairman of IRETO

Friday, October 5, 2012

IRETO History

In 2002, while working at Mitsui, Bryan Shaffer started a trade association focused on international real estate capital and investment. The group was named IRETO, International Real Estate Trade Organization. In 2002, only large institutional and international companies had global real estate expertise, but everything was changing and real estate was becoming global. Shaffer recalls, "When I first started talking to people in the US about international Real Estate Investment, I was told real estate is LOCAL. I would always say, Real Estate is local, but capital is global."

In the early 2000's, several large American Investment Banks were in Japan reliving the US S & L crisis of the 1980. Because Shaffer was an RTC contractor and Receiver, he knew how that crisis turned out and enjoyed meeting with the American Investors in Japan. As the world became more global in the following years, this group of friends that had conferences and shared ideas started to grow. By 2007, IRETO had over 100,000 members whom worked for companies with over $4 Trillion in Assets. As the goal was never to make money, Shaffer had self funded most of the activities. I decisions to expand into global research led to Alex Eidlin joining IRETO and starting the Asia Real Estate Report. IRETO continued to grow and established global partnerships with groups like Cityscape, Cityscape Dubai, Reuters, IQPC, China Real Estate Business, ICSC and several other groups. In 2009, IRETO and the Distressed Asset Coalition joined together to expand IRETO mission.

Above & Below: Bryan Shaffer & Sam Zell Chat at Conference Shaffer Chaired 

Shaffer Develops Conference in London with Reuters focused called Global Property Outlook,  Shaffer addresses the attendees about US Capital Markets.